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A digital website design agency ready to take on the challenge

Strategic Design

Our experts takes your idea and business goals to formulate the perfect website.

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Interactive Development

Our experts takes your idea and business goals to formulate the perfect website.

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Beautiful Results

Our experts takes your idea and business goals to formulate the perfect website.

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Deploy your custom website faster in as little as 2 weeks

Our swift-paced team is capable of handling design projects on anywhere and anytime. We’re ready to deliver your best product wherever you are!

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small business duo editing website
small business duo editing website

Manage your finished website with familiar built-in editing tools

We give you options when it comes to web design. We can build your website on the most popular platforms.

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Over 61% of websites are viewed on mobile devices, that's why we have a mobile first approach

Our team makes sure your customers are able to view your website seamlessly across devices. Never pay more. Mobile responsive mode is always included.

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small business duo editing website

Websites Built by WP Techx

Take a look at websites our team has built.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered our most asked questions here.

What is WP Techx?

We are WP (WordPress) Techx (Techs). We help small to large businesses create professional WordPress website and offer WordPress management solutions that help them save time and energy.

What are WordPress updates?

WordPress updates are any changes made to your website including, content changes, media changes, theme changes, code changes, updating WordPress core, and updating plugins.

Do you offer custom WordPress development?

Yes! We love developing new WordPress websites. We offer custom, professional websites for small to mid-sized businesses. We can build services business websites and online stores.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

How long does it take to build my WordPress website?

Our aim is to get your business online quickly and effectively. Most WordPress website take 5 business days to complete from start to finish.

My website has been compromised. Can you help?

Yes, our WordPress security team can help you get your website back in most cases. It is important to set-up preventative measures before your website is compromised by creating backups and setting up security measures to ensure your website and customers information is safe and secure.

Can I cancel my WordPress management subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your WordPress management subscription anytime.

We use many technologies
and popular platforms

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